This was a short fiction piece written for a contest. The writing prompt was “Cold Coffee.” It’s a little X-rated if that matters to anyone. It’s about 3000 words.


“How about her?” Dave asked, nodding at a blond girl walking past with a margarita in her hand and a penis-shaped balloon.

“Not bad. Too tall for my tastes,” Peter answered.

“You’re too picky.”

They both drank in synchronicity as they watched the crowd moving around the nightclub like agitated bees. A swarm of matching sorority girls walked by, they were all wearing skimpy black dresses and heels.

“How about one of them?”

Peter only grunted. They were way too young. He was already feeling like a dirty old man in these crowds. He really needed to move out of this piss-assed college town. It had been over a year since he’d been able to snag a co-ed. He wasn’t sure if she had been too drunk to really notice he was in his thirties. The next morning she obviously wanted him out of her apartment as quickly as possible.

Peter yawned. It was getting late. He had gotten up at 5:30 to drop his stupid kid back off at his mother’s house. At least he didn’t need to deal with her for the whole weekend.

A wobbly drunk girl pushed her way next to him so she could order a drink. Dave and Peter eyed each other. This was more Peter’s style. About 5’ 6”, maybe a buck forty and most of it hung on her chest. She waved as the bartender flashed by, Missy was shorthanded tonight and didn’t bother acknowledging the girl.

“Strawberry dac…,” her voice trailed off as she realized she wasn’t being served.

Peter leaned over to her. “I’ll get you a drink if you marry me.”

She looked him over, “That sounds…”

The music started up again and the rest of her reply was drowned out. Peter didn’t think his bait worked. The girl pushed a little further away from him. Oh well. Move on to the next little fish. He turned back around and faced the crowd. Peter leaned his back against the bar.

Lights flashing, music blasting, college kids thrashing in a variety of bad dance moves. The college boys were the most entertaining. One kid was dancing across the floor and Peter watched as he made his move. He nudged Dave and nodded. They both observed as the kid started grinding into a girl’s backside. She was dancing with her own herd of coeds. The girl took it well for about three seconds. Then danced closer to her friends. Sorry kid. You gotta learn how to break one out of the pack.

Then he saw her, the perfect target. She was just coming in and looked like she was hanging onto the right side of her twenties. She had maybe another year before she would start lying about her age. But she was gorgeous. He wasn’t the only one to notice her. She stood out in the crowded mass. Eyes both male and female followed her as she crossed the dance floor and approached the bar. She was petite, but her presence was large. Peter wasn’t quite sure why she stood out, except that maybe it was because she was the only one wearing all white. It made her image contrast against the darkened crowd. It was more than the dress. Blood red lips against a milky pale face with long black hair. Dave pushed against his arm.

“What?” He didn’t take his eyes off her, he couldn’t.

“I said, you had better move fast with her,” Dave had to shout over the music, but Peter heard and went into shark mode. He waved at Missy through the crowded bar. He had been a regular here for years. Missy responded quickly.

“You ready for another Pete?” Peter gestured over at the goddess. Missy knew the drill. She would take care of the woman, put it on his tab and put in a good word for him.

Peter and Dave both watched as Missy took her order and gave her the lines. Aphrodite looked over at them as Missy made the drink. A bloody mary. Then she said something else to Missy. Must have been an additional order because Missy poured her a shot off the Top Shelf rack. Looked like whiskey. Peter never cared about the so-called “good stuff”, it was all alcohol to him.

The nymph drank the shot quickly while watching Peter. When she was finished, her eyes moved up and down his body and Peter could feel those eyes like massaging fingers against his skin.

He quivered.

She glided over to him carrying her drink. Dave made himself scarce.

“Hello,” her voice carried over the music, and it was a music all its own.

“Marry Me.”

She smiled, always a good sign.

“Sorry. Been there. Done that. Even bought the t-shirt.”

“Then maybe just the honeymoon.”

She laughed. He shivered.

“You don’t waste time do you?”

“I only take my time when it’s needed.”

She laughed again and the sound cut through the club and pierced his chest.

“Ohhh,” she said, “You are good at this.”

He shrugged and held out his hand, “Peter.”

“Lilith, but most people call me Lilly.” She put her hand out for a polite shake. He grasped it instead and kissed the back.

She laughed again, “I haven’t had someone do that to me in years.”

“What else haven’t you done in years?”

“Lots of things.”

Peter wanted to take her right on the bar. They left together twenty minutes later.

There had been a few kisses in the club but when the taxi got going… so did they. The driver didn’t appreciate it, but Peter gave him an extra twenty when they got out in front of her apartment. One of Peter’s rules – Never take a one night stand back to your place unless there’s no alternative. The clingy ones can be tough to get rid of.

It was a three-story walk-up, but she lived on the second floor. They were stopping for enthusiastic necking every few steps until they made it inside her apartment. Peter’s excitement kept growing but it was after 1am, and he could feel exhaustion settling in. He wasn’t able to party all night anymore.

They entered her apartment and she flicked a switch. Lights came on. He looked around the place. It was eerily clean. White walls, white furniture, very open and modern. Looked like a model home.

Lilly pulled his arm. “Come on.” She led him into a sunken seating area with a couch. She pulled him down on top of her and they sank into the cushions; embraced, lips locked together. Peter waited several minutes before he started to explore with his hands. Women responded badly to anything too fast. They could act like skittish deer if you weren’t careful handling them. His hands made their way to caressing her breasts, and she responded with excited noises. Her hands moved along his legs. First his outer thigh and then over to the inner thigh. Slowly moving upward as they continued kissing.

Peter’s mind started to wander. He began remembering his first time as a teenager. Jessie had been another beauty. He had driven her home from a party one night. Took a detour down a dirt road fifteen miles from home. Told her to, “Take care of him or she could walk home.” Jessie had been good at it. He wondered if it was her first time also.

Peter noticed the kissing had stopped. He opened his eyes. Lilly was looking at him with a smirk on her face.


“I think you were starting to fade on me there.”

Had I? Peter wasn’t sure. He didn’t think he had fallen asleep. He remembered thinking about Jessie and then… then what? “Sorry. I had an early day.”

“You think coffee would help?”

“Sure.” Maybe it would give him some time to get the alcohol out of his system.

They sat up and Lilly wandered off to the kitchen. Peter leaned his head back and got comfortable, he looked around the apartment. It was strange, so minimalistic. No TV. There was a bookshelf with a few modern art objects. A white pyramid, a sculpture of a hand sticking a middle finger up, a twisted chrome thing. There was also a statue of a white horse.

A white horse. Diane had a horse, that one was gray. Diane with the curly blond hair and the most amazing tongue. She had been impressive. Diane was the perfect combination. A wannabe professional dancer and dumb as a box of rocks. The things that girl could do with her body. And the equipment! Where did I ever put that…

“Hey!” Peter opened his eyes.

“Heeeeeey.” her voice came from the kitchen.

“Sorry. Yes?”

“How do you like your coffee.”

Peter smiled. He loved a good straight line. “I like my coffee like I like my women.”

Lilly poked her head back into the room. “And how’s that?”

“Hot, sweet, and with a fair trade agreement.”

She laughed and went back into the kitchen.

“And cream if you have it.”

“Sorry, you already made your choice. Need to find a way to include cream in that line next time.”

“I’ve tried. It either comes out sounding racist or gay.”

Laughter floated into the room. “Well, I like my coffee the same way as I like my men.” She came back into the room with a mug for him.

“How’s that?”

“Hmmm… I’ll have to think of something later.”

He took the cup and drank, the nectar of the gods. “Not having any?”

“I will. Can I get you anything else?”

Just your tits up against me. “No, this is fine. The tequila is wearing off.”

She joined him on the couch as he drank. Sitting close and massaging his neck. It felt wonderful. He drank some more then lolled his head down allowing her to dig into his neck muscles with her fingertips. The tension melted from his body.

God, Cindy was wonderful at this. How did she ever get so good at giving massages? She should have gone to school for it and gotten licensed. It would be a better college job than waitressing. Stupid bitch was afraid of being hit on. What was that girl’s problem anyway? Three dates and no sex? Ridiculous. Well… enough alcohol took care of that problem. Then she acted all violated the next morning. Please. What had she expected?

“Don’t drop it.”

Peter felt the tug at his hands as the mug was removed. He opened his eyes again. “Wow. Sorry. I didn’t realize… “ He trailed off.

“That’s okay. I just didn’t want coffee spilled on the carpet.”

I’d like to spill all over you. “Maybe I should go.”

“Don’t be silly. You can sleep here. If you fall asleep during, it won’t bruise my ego.” She handed the coffee back to him and stood up. “Come on sleepy.”

Lilly walked him to a bedroom. When she turned the lights on a white cat flashed past them out of the room. When he looked back up he saw more white. Plain bed with a white canopy, white bedspread, made neatly with white sheets and pillow covers.

“You really have a thing for white don’t you.”

“Yup. Climb in and get comfortable.”

“Going somewhere?”

“Gonna get my own drink. Bathroom’s through that door.” She pointed.

She picked up a remote and used it to dim the lights down to a barely glowing ember. Peter used the bathroom. When he got back he undressed to his shorts and slid into bed. Lilly came back and set a glass down on the nightstand. On a coaster of course. He watched her slip out of her dress. The light may have been dim, but he could make out her form in the glow. She turned around to hang her dress up, and the shadows made her look strange for a moment. Like the way someone will look very different if you look at them with a light shining from below.

When she turned back, he could see her smile. She made a sensual production of removing her bra. Then climbed in next to him. Where do women learn how to do that? Do their mother’s teach them or something? Maybe that’s what they all learned when the boys and girls got separated in health class for a week in junior high.

She climbed on top of him and started kissing him. The lips. The neck. Some tongue action was made on the ears and Peter shook with pleasure. His hands started moving over her back and down to squeeze her ass. He wandered under her panties and continued squeezing. She began rocking back and forth pushing her pelvis into his groin. He was so hard he could burst. The kissing continued until he could wait no more. He rolled over taking her under him as he moved. Then he removed her panties as she helped with her own gyrations.

She was shaved. Peter loved women who were shaved. It wasn’t only for the visual effect, he thought they tasted better that way. Peter wanted to taste her. Lilly moved to remove the last of his clothes putting herself back on top of him.

A few more passionate kisses. Hands moving. Exploring. Peter flipped himself around letting her stay on top as she buried her crotch into his face. It was wonderful. Peter had always loved this the most. Lilly was rocking back and forth as his tongue explored her. He could spend hours like this. The mixture of his saliva and her juice all over his face had him filled with excitement. To Peter, oral sex was better than fucking. If both people knew what they were doing.

Nothing was worse than a woman who complained about giving oral sex. He chuckled to himself thinking back to Susan. Susan was one of the few women that aggressively went after him instead of the other-way-around. Peter hadn’t even been attracted to her. She had a nice body… But-her-face. Meh. He was in a dry spell and decided to date her anyway. For all of four dates. They had fucked after the second and third date. But he soon realized she was one to just lay there. On the forth he tried to go down on her and she objected. She was Catholic! She wouldn’t have any of that nasty stuff. Right… Catholic. But pre-marital sex and birth control wasn’t an issue. That was the end of that relationship. He had fucked her one last time and…

“Don’t stop!”

Peter realized he his tongue had stopped doing its job. He went back to work. Taking large sweeping lashes up and down her lips as she ground into his face. She leaned forward and started tongue movements. Teasing at first around his thighs and across his balls. Then she took him into her mouth. They rocked. Her mouth moved up and down. His tongue explored, finding her clit and focusing closely on it. Sucking at it. Then licking. His nose was right in her ass, and the musk of her body was an aphrodisiac all by itself. He could hear her moans as she sucked at him.

She began rocking incredibly fast, and it seemed to get wilder and more extended with each move. She kept taking his entire cock in her mouth, he could feel her mouth push against his pelvis. She wasn’t cheating by using a hand to cover the last few inches the way most women did. And her tongue kept swirling over and over as she moved. Did this chick have a six-inch tongue? God, she was amazing!

But the rocking continued to get more exaggerated. With each stroke, it felt like she was moving higher but she never let him get out her mouth completely. She was sucking right back to the head and then back down, but still. Her crotch started quivering and vibrating as he continued to suck and lick. Then she came in violent, sharp, jolts pushing at his face and driving his head down deep into the bedding.

She never stopped her own attentions. It was the most intense blow job he had ever been given. Her entire head and back moved with each stroke continuing to grind herself into him. Every time she came back up Peter thought he was going to come out her mouth, but he never did. He didn’t know how she was doing it. It was like she had sucked him until he was stretching.

And stretching and stretching. Something was definitely wrong. Her entire body was flexing up down with each stroke. Her body had to be moving all the way up to a sitting position. Peter wasn’t small but he would need to be a two feet long for this to make sense. He tried to move his head out from under her but when did, her thighs clamped down hard on him. She continued. Now she was thrashing wildly up and down with each stroke. It stopped being enjoyable. He started to feel pain.

Peter tried pushing, grasping, even clawing at her. Her pelvis shifted so she was sitting on his chest and throat, cutting off his air. The pumping up and down never stopped. He was stretching more and more each time. Then he noticed her body. There were white wisps of smoke coming off her buttocks and back. What the hell was she? Peter didn’t know and didn’t care. He wanted this thing off of him. But he was pinned, choking and her body was getting larger.

His eyes darted around the room looking for something he could reach. Something!  Anything! There was nothing. He exploded and gurgled a scream. Not with passion this time but something else. The thing on top of him was devouring him.

The last thing he saw was the iced coffee she had set on the nightstand.

His last thought, “I like my coffee the way I like my men.” Cold.


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