The Island

This flash fiction piece gave us only “The Island” as a prompt and a 450-word limit.

Seven of us landed on this island last year, four men and three women. I’m the only one left now. I don’t know if anyone will ever find my wrecked ship, or discover what happened to us. I needed to leave this message in the hope that someone, sometime will find it and let our families know what happened. I may be responsible, but it wasn’t my actions that led to our disaster.

We crashed onto the rocks on September 26th of 1964. There was a storm that blew us off course. My first mate wasn’t able to drop the sails fast enough. That was his first mistake. There would be more.

We all made it to this island without being injured, and we were fortunate enough to have a lot of recoverable supplies. However, there wasn’t enough food. There are some coconut trees here, but they don’t replenish fast. After the first month, we had trouble catching fish. We started to starve. The two married people in our group were elderly. They went first. After they died, well… You can just imagine what we did. It wouldn’t have been so bad except my first mate used up all our matches the first week we were here. It rained non-stop the previous week, so we had no way to cook anything.

A few weeks later one of the younger women died. She had been a beautiful thing when I first met her. By the end, she was a half starved lunatic. I think my partner killed her, but he never admitted it to me. We found her hung from a limb of a tree that we had been using to play basketball. It was our only entertainment.

Then the following week the other man died. I think he was a teacher, but I’m too dizzy to remember his name. He was always yelling and arguing with my first mate. Once again I suspect my mate was the one who did it. The man was discovered beaten to death. His body was near a group of gorillas that live on the other side of the island so again, I couldn’t prove anything. I think the man was smart enough to stay away from the troop, but he could have been searching for food.

A few days after that, I caught my partner attacking the last woman. She was the sweetest girl you would ever want to meet. He was trying to rape her. I attacked him while it was happening but he slit her throat. I killed him with my bare hands.

It’s time for me to die now. Please let everyone know it was all Gilligan’s fault.


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