I think the theme of this one was something about the last light of the day.

I looked at him directly in the eyes and whispered, “Why?”

No response. I hated looking at those eyes.  I’ve heard people call them hazel but they just look brown to me.

Again I said “Why? Why would you kill her?”

He looked like he was about to answer me then just pursed his lips. Light was fading in the room and I could see the dying orange haze of the sunset from the mirror.  I looked at my brother again and said “Give me some reason. She was our sister dammit. Do you have any idea what mom and dad are going through right now?”

He finally responded “No. I don’t.”

He bit back saying more and licked his lips. I heard our parents call him a psychopath when we were ten.. At the time I had to look up the word to see what it meant. No emotions, no remorse, no empathy. I didn’t really understand at the time. Now at twelve, I think I understand it better but still ….. How can he be like that?

He said “Why are you so upset over this? You didn’t like her either.”

I whispered as loud as I dared “I may not have liked her but I never wanted her dead.”

He looked at me again with those eyes, that stony stare. I wish I could understand what was going on in that head of his.

Then he said, “Don’t worry so much, they’ll never know unless you open your mouth.”

I wasn’t so sure of that. He had used a pillow over her face when she was in the crib.  I was pretty sure I’d seen some crime show where they had caught someone who did that.

I could hear mom crying in the bedroom next door. Dad was saying something I couldn’t understand but maybe I heard my name being said. The light in the room was fading more, I idly thought to myself that I should switch on a light. I never liked being in a dark room with him, it would be bad later when it was time to sleep.

The doorbell rang. Then I could hear mom and dad going out to the front door.

He said, “You won’t say anything will you?”

I thought about that for a minute before responding “No. I’ll keep quiet.”

Even if I was, I wouldn’t let him know about it in advance. The fading sun was gone. I couldn’t see myself in the mirror anymore. Good, I hated those eyes, my eyes.

Dad came in and said, “David, we need you to come out here.” Then paused before saying “Why are you sitting alone in the dark?”


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