Doing BETA Better

jr creaden

experimentNow that I’ve had some minor successes with my beta swap model, I’m ready to bring it back online and share the process. My Role Play – Beta Swap.

By role-playing as agents, publishers, and editors, we learn something in play that we learn otherwise only by making publishing mistakes.

oopsMost new writers make these mistakes, and it’s normal. It’s also one of the things that makes successful publishing such a slow process.

If you’re like me, you don’t want to spend a second of writing time wasting anyone else’s time.

Our mistakes = the slush pile. Rejections.

Self-publishers’ mistakes become the reason it’s so hard to stand out among the sea of other self-published mistakes.

snowflakeSo how do we make it easy for agents to make that full manuscript request, to believe in us and advocate for us?

How can we make it easy for buyers to say yes…

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One thought on “Doing BETA Better

  1. Great writing skill . Yes , only an Author can promote other Author . But then there is jealousy on this front too . I believe the more people Block you on #Twitter , you are reaching a positive milestone in your book getting success in sales .


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